jueves, 26 de junio de 2014


     Our 'miaumiau' 's name is Neko, for those who don't know him yet.... He is our best home companion!
     He's such a funny cat! But lately, not so much, especially for Javier. We don't know why, but latelly he's having an internal and natural alarm clock, waking us up at 5 in the morning, crying and yelling, wanting to get out of his room and... food!!! This is not good for Javi because it takes a few hours out of his sleeping time, and Javi is the one who wakes up early for his work. Only yesterday we found a relative compromise: feed him a lot, tickle and mess around with him, so that he goes do bed with a full stomack and all spent energy!!!! This morning, he didn't complain.... So, we will see how it goes this new kitty 'state' ;).
     Despite all the mess Neko does at home, we love him so so so very much. I have somehow ingnored him during the day, because of all the exhibition work, for the last 2 months, so I am sure that he's been a nuisence but because he's been wanting my attention all this time... Each day, he has been growing and changing, and now it's almost 5 kilos of about 7 months old cat Javi and I have!!! Our vet Carol says he's a fat cat, that we feed him too much!... but it has been a hard theme for Neko! He is very slender and active, but it's true: he has a little reserve of fat hanging and dangling, but like anyone else, right? It's for the winter he says!!!
     Now that I have finished all the work I had for this period, I will stay at home cleaning, reorganizing and making our home more beautiful, and more cat-suitable! So once in a while I hope to tell you a little Neko story!... >< °^o^°

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  1. I have seen this cat in the Sensei Bravo´s backpack..., I think Neko loves Aikido like his human family!!!!

  2. Es que tenemos un 'chat-murai' demasiado listo el tío!!!!!.... ouf ouf oufffff!!!! >< >< >< ^^