martes, 24 de junio de 2014

Cajicas para Boda de Berti & Igor

     And the second project that I would love to share with you today is about the small boxes I did for our friends Berta and Igor's wedding, which was so exciting for me to create!!!!
     These wooden boxes were: one for the rings, and the second for some tradicional coins the groom and bride pass to eachother. Their wedding happened last weekend and Javi and I were invited to the dance party, but unfotunatelly, that night I wasn't feeling well, I think from all the stress from the last couple of months. But I have seen some pictures of the stunning and breathtaking couple!!! I just can't wait for them to return from thrir honeymoon to gossip about every single detail!!! For now, only some: CONGRATULATIONS BERTA & IGOR!!!!
     So here, I am leaving you with a few pictures of the boxes, decorated in origami blue flowers for the coin box, and the ring box is a few layers of stanciled acrylic paint and brushstrokes.
     Aren't they beautiful????

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